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A few words about Kazianis company

The company F. KAZIANIS S.A. is a purely local business, which operates in the field of trade for almost 26 years. The company has its own premises with a total area of 4,000 square meters in the Tzavros area, a distribution network composed of 15 cars-refrigerators, 6 vendors available for any professional, which extend geographically all over the county, and 6 retail points of wholesale to selected parts of the island.

The innovation of the last years

The company also employs over 115 employees, nearly throughout the whole year, for whom quality working conditions are being secured. Noteworthy is the fact, that since the last year it serves as a retail wholesale subsidiary, which supplies all small retailers with food, frozen products, consumables and detergents. This development makes us a multi-productive company, while it contributes to the creation of a new round of opportunities in the commercial sector, which meets the growing demands of consumers and partners.

Significant initiatives

Our long experience in the field of trade, as well as the stable relationships that we have developed over the years with some of the largest firms in the field of catering and trade (AE, AE AKTINA CARDINAL, PFS PAPAGEORGIOU FOOD SERVICE ABEE, PROCTER & GAMBLE, PREGEL, OPTIMA AE) enables us to be competitive and consistent as to what we promise to our partners. Nevertheless, we are in a continuous alert to make decisions and initiatives which make us stand out for the innovation of our services and the quality of our products.