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A few words about the company Kazianis

The company F. KAZIANIS S.A. is a company, which operates in the commercial area of Corfu over the last 26 years. From the year of its establishment until today, our company promises full coverage of the needs of the local community, while it offers the most innovative, qualitative and healthy products.

Both to other business owners, and to the customers, the company offers a variety of products, which meet the requirements of both sides. Of course, by being always concerned for the best amenities and services, we are at your disposal whenever you desire.


Over the years

The initial activity of the company Kazianis was taking place in egg trading. However, evolutionary, a growing demand for more products mainly from local professionals was brought about. Therefore, over time, the product range of our company has been increased, while our products continuously have been evolving as to their quality and parallel to modern amenities.

Today, it is estimated that the company Kazianis has approximately 28,000 codes, activated for sale. Nevertheless, we are vigilant and we guarantee perpetual coverage of increasing needs and the most effective service to our customers.

Aims and values

The mission of our company is to meet all the needs of a business in food, fresh and frozen products, confectionery raw materials, consumables, detergents-cleansers and specialty goods. With the best customer service of any business, like restaurants, coffee-bars, pastry shops or hotels, we are attempting to become more and more consistent.

We underline the importance of the organization and accuracy in time, and thereby, continually we demonstrate our respect to our partners. The development of our company founded with the establishment of some values. These are the choice, the quality and the service!