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The company F. KAZIANIS SA cares for the safety of the consumer and his demand for stable and high quality, which is a commitment of responsibility and an incentive for continuous improvement.

The company meets all the requirements and technical standards provided by national and communal legislation for qualitative and safe aliments.

We implement a Food Safety Management System (HACCP) in accordance with the International Standard EN ISO 22000: 2005. ELOT EN ISO 22000 can be applied by any organization involved directly or indirectly in the food chain, whether it is an organization that produces, processes or dispenses aliments or feed, whether it is an organisation that produces materials or equipment for the aliments or provides services in food businesses. In this way, it is possible to prevent risks, optimize resource management, reduce the loss of know-how, effectively control changes (new process / product), improve inter-departmental relationships and in general internal communication as well as to offer flexibility.

Every day, quality checks are carried out on all parts of the business (delivery, processing, storage, distribution), which ensure the marketing of safe and quality products.

The company is endorsed by a constantly trained staff in the rules of Good Hygiene Practice and Good Industrial Practice, the implementation of which is the duty and primary concern of the company.