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Social responsibility

The impact on society

Like any other business, so the company Kazianis takes significantly into consideration the social background and the values that represent each person individually. Our company consists of responsible and sensitized people, who profess social morality and responsibility towards our fellow man. In an atmosphere of excellent cooperation and unquestioned equality and parity, we operate with the purpose of offering to the society and promoting the idea of social solidarity and the meaning of humanism.

Voluntary actions

This is achieved, both within our company and through organized, voluntary actions, carried out with collegiate and unmatched willingness. The company Kazianis has already organised an offer to “The smile of the child”, knowing that there could be no better reward than a childish smile. Of course, both with our actions and values, which are implemented in our everyday work, we are motivated by focusing on improving society and security that every individual has to feel. For this purpose, we are opposed to theories that defend the marginalization of people, and we embrace those who want us all together like a fist.

Support for social initiatives

However, we do not rest aside on words, but we truly believe on acts. We create fundraisers and we call on our fellow human beings to participate and to assist effectively. From our side, we support social initiatives, such as that of social groceries. We collect food, raw materials, hygiene products and anything consistent on your own, unique desires. The greater recognition for our company and satisfaction for ourselves comes from the charity and help to our fellow man…

For us, this is social responsibility!

… but also for our own people, too. We take care so that workers in company Kazianis arrive and leave with a smile, by feeling creative with their job and of course by balancing harmoniously work, family and personal life. For us, this is social responsibility! To create jobs and to ensure the best working conditions, whose characteristics is respect, cooperation and dignity.