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“FYTEL ELEOURGIKI Ltd” has been active in Greece since 2007 and ιτ is a 100% Greek company. The main activity is the bottling of oil and olive oil as well as their disposal in the Greek and International markets (over 10 countries).

The aim of the company since the very first day of its foundation was the specialization, which in combination with the daily research, makes FYTEL today an innovative and constantly growing company.

In 2012, FYTEL invests in the Greek market and is transferred to new facilities in Aspropyrgos of Attica with mechanical equipment that fully meets the needs of the company and all the necessary food safety requirements. The choice of location at such a focal point for national as well as international transport (only 2 km from the commercial port of Piraeus), is exploited by FYTEL to the fullest, strengthening its position in the competitive sector.

In 2015, FYTEL completes and presents to the Greek market the new range of vegetable oils under the brand name FYTEL, which is the leading product of its innovative products.

Our main concern and our competitive advantage is the quality and the primary objective of the company is the promotion of its products in the Greek market and in every corner of the earth …