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The company of production of salads, dressings and sauces with the distinctive title "3P", is one of the emerging food industries in Karditsa and the Greek territory. It started in 1998. It initially operated by producing quantities of a relatively small number of products. In 2001, a land acquisition was made, in order to establish new facilities for the ever-increasing production process of the company. Aditionally, to the increase in production volume, there was a significant increase in the types of products, produced by the company. In 2004, the company's new facilities were completed and the new production line began operating, giving new great increase to the business. In 2006, a branch was established in Volos, with an integrated distribution network, to serve the wider area of ​​Magnesia. The continuous increase in the supply needs of products and goods in Magnesia market created the need, in 2014, for the branch to be relocated to larger areas, and the company set up a new branch in Industrial Zone. Volos. To meet the needs of southern Greece, the island complexes, the Aegean-Cyclades-Dodecanese-Crete and Ionian islands, as well as, the need to meet the supply requirements of stores in the wider area of ​​Attica, the company proceeds, to establish a branch serving this large market in 2012. In 2015, the continuous increase in demand for its manufactured products, leads to the creation of new modern facilities. 3P enriches its product range and hires and upgrades its staff. Increases the fleet of trucks, for consistent and fast distribution to serve its customers. Its variety of salads, sauces, dressings and seasonings is constantly expanding, in various packages addressed to all caterers and HO.RE.CA. (fast food, ouzo, taverns, creperie, snack bar, cafe, catering, hotels etc.) The next goal of 3P is to expand to new markets. The launch of the new SO&JO product line, packed in 200g, aims to be presented on the shelves of Super Markets as well as abroad. At the same time, it is increasing its sales in the part of exports. It already exports to European Union countries.

Giorgos and Kostas Pateris grew in flavors and tastes of handmade sausages next to their father Panagiotis, who best transmitted to them, the secrets of sausage making. They learned that , in order to make good sausage, you need love, art and passion. Also, in order to be able to follow a successful course with duration, you must be consistent with your values ​​and principles. How should the consumer love you? Today George and Kostas carry the heavy legacy of their father. They love their art and they devote endless hours to the sensitive stages of maturation, also, they deeply care about the outcome. All the above, made Panteri products, favorite products with signature and taste that reminds something of the old ... Products such as pastourmas, sucjuki, prosciutto sausage, salami, sausages, turkey and delicious delicacies smoked pieces of fine meat (steak, shank, neck, pancetta etc), All the products, have the aroma chosen by the quality of the raw materials. The way of manufacture, in factory of a total surface of ​​6000 m2, which meets the strictest safety standards and with the latest generation technology, applying certified quality assurance systems (ISO 22000 & HACCP), we try to make our promise to the consumer daily: quality cold cuts with authentic flavor. Following the worldwide rise in food sales to the Muslim community, Pateris became the first Greek industry to provide certified HALAL products. (With annual certification). A combination of knowledge, experience and technology, can cooperate with you in order to create the sausage of your own requirements.

Food Service In Provil, for more than 20 years, our endless journey in the land of flavours and aromas has incited and regenerated our imagination and passion for flavour and aroma within the sector of contemporary cuisine. Responding to the demands of haute cuisine in contemporary mass catering and driven by our passion for authenticity, we go so far as any of the four points of the horizon. The result presented in front of you in the form of the most complete line of products serves the inspiration of anyone who considers the kitchen room a place of applied creativity with endless possibilities! Provil's staff are absolutely... artistic and, of course, always excellent technicians. We put our know-how on all products, making use of cutting-edge technology, adopting the most rigorous quality control procedures for their production. So, Provil's products sometimes become an "inspiration" and sometimes valuable "tools" satisfiyng both your senses and the senses of those whom you are called upon to charm with consistency! Butchery Having a long-year tradition in the realisation of innovative ideas and creation of products exclusively intended for retail sale of meat, we supply the contemporary professional with a series of products that open up new horizons of taste, offering unique culinary excitements to the eventual consumer. Therefore, our partners appreciate and trust every idea of ours, which aims at making their businesses even more successful. We are well aware that in a particularly demanding and tough market, such as the meat one, quality, consistency and innovation are the values establishing and building relationships of trust. This is why we constantly stay by the side of our customers, providing solutions satisfying their needs and offering them unique, tasty products that stand out. So, building a special relationship with each one of our customers separately, as well as constantly offering proper advisory support, ideas and creative suggestions, we aspire to become the right hand of the professionals of this sector. From small retail stores to major meat salespersons and delicatessen stores, Provil's specialised staff is here to give solutions to your every need, to your every creative experimentation. Cook at Home Cook at Home is a retail product line designed by Provil to meet the needs of the contemporary consumers. With decades of experience in the food industry and gastromony, Provil, designed Cook at Home by drawing inspiration from the Greek and International cuisines. Each package encloses aromas and flavours of the Mediterranean. Cook at Home promises to help consumers prepare homemade food, quickly and effortlessly. [gallery ids="7557,7555,7553,7551,7549,7547,7545,7543,7541,7539,7537,7535,7533,7531,7529,7527"]  

CSM Hellas is a member of the multinational group ‘CSM Bakery Solutions’  with an extremelly great range of products. Matured internationally , CSM is based on the special knowledge and specification of its staff and they are always near every customer. Based on a great range of experience and specification, CSM Hellas can be concidered as the leader of the companies of  fat products used on bakery, confectionary and frozen products as well in greek market.  Every year, their quality standards are higher and higher in order to ensure the best quality of their products for the greek market. Every day more and more professionals , trust and use csm products, giving better taste and quality, more than every expectation. Their intention more than all, is to provide every customer with high quality service and support by their well experienced staff. Their intention is to ensure that their customers are always awared of any new product, are satisfied by their support, so they satisfy their customers too. For this reason and also because CSM combines special knowledge and service , CSM is providing their customers with signs as: ARTIZAN,OKTASPORO, MARGUERITE, HENRY&HENRY, BAKER&BAKER, ULMER SPATZ, CROEXSA and more.

The Aberdeen Angus beef breed is world renowned for flavour, tenderness and succulence. Our Black Angus brand is a matured, select range of Aberdeen Angus beef which derives its unique taste from a natural grass based diet. Our Black Angus products are carefully hand selected by our experienced butchers and butchered to the bespoke requirements of each of our customers.  All of our products are packaged in a range of retail or wholesale formats ensuring complete product quality and traceability for you and your customers. OUR  PRODUCT  RANGE: Bone in Cuts Hand trimmed vacuum packed cuts Portion controlled hand trimmed Steak Cuts Portion controlled Dice and Mince Grill steaks and Burgers Cooked Meats and Ready Meals [gallery ids="1406,1405"]


SELECT PASTRIES The main function of SELECT is to ensure product quality and excellent customer service. The market is powered by a dynamic and well-organized distribution network conducted with experienced and competent staff. One of the most powerful competitive advantages of the company is the privately-owned fleet of 45 well-equipped vehicles with which it distributes its products. The variety of its products is very large and will surely cover even the most demanding consumer. It produces hamburgers, brioche breads, village bum, hot-dogs, sandwiches, Greek pies, chopsticks, pizza dough, toast bread and croutons. Also, in SELECT you will find ciabatta, panettino of wheat and whole wheat, classic and Viennese baguettes, breads for cover which are suitable for mass catering, retail packs and bagels. Its success and quality are evident from its collaborations with fast-food chains such as Goody's, Everest, Grigoris, Pizza Fun, Todaylicious, IKEA restaurants. Also, with supermarkets like Sklavenitis, Vassilopoulos, Masoutis, Metro, My market, The mart and Discount market.  


"FYTEL ELEOURGIKI Ltd" has been active in Greece since 2007 and ιτ is a 100% Greek company. The main activity is the bottling of oil and olive oil as well as their disposal in the Greek and International markets (over 10 countries). The aim of the company since the very first day of its foundation was the specialization, which in combination with the daily research, makes FYTEL today an innovative and constantly growing company. In 2012, FYTEL invests in the Greek market and is transferred to new facilities in Aspropyrgos of Attica with mechanical equipment that fully meets the needs of the company and all the necessary food safety requirements. The choice of location at such a focal point for national as well as international transport (only 2 km from the commercial port of Piraeus), is exploited by FYTEL to the fullest, strengthening its position in the competitive sector. In 2015, FYTEL completes and presents to the Greek market the new range of vegetable oils under the brand name FYTEL, which is the leading product of its innovative products. Our main concern and our competitive advantage is the quality and the primary objective of the company is the promotion of its products in the Greek market and in every corner of the earth ...


The primary purpose of the company is to continually find new flavors and products at the best quality and at the most competitive prices. The “Yfantis Group” produces over 500 high quality products and operates in five sectors˙ in processed meat products, frozen foods (frozen vegetables, hamburgers, pizzas, prepared meals and much more), Greek traditional salads, feta cheese, extra virgin olive oil. By virtue of its technological superiority, Yfantis has the ability to produce over 50,000 kg of sausages and 5,000 kg of various meat products (burgers, pizzas, chicken preparations etc.). It continuously invests and immediately follows any technological developments ensuring that it meets the needs of all its customers wherever they are. It has succeeded in creating products that have become popular around the world. This success is due to its high level of quality, its staff, know-how and the excellent relationship that has been maintained over the years with people who trust its products. Based on this relationship, the “Yfantis Group” is committed to continuing even more rapidly to expand this successful course, always respecting the environment and the human.


EL-SABOR starts its operation in 1992 as the first production unit of nacho chips in Greece. Today, it continues its successful course, remaining the only productive company of its kind not only in Greece but also in the whole of South-Eastern Europe. The company's latest investment plan includes the new proprietary 5,000-square-meter 5- facilities in the Inofyta industrial area, as well as the development and expansion of its existing range of products. The certified and fully automated production system, combined with the modern, high-quality logistics infrastructure and the competent and experienced human resources  have contributed significantly to its successful course and development. Its aim is to accompany and give "savor-" taste to the pleasant moments of life. The company's products are available in a variety of innovative packaging - individual, family and Party size, suitable for retailers. With the same tastes, the company is also present in the field of catering with corresponding packages aimed at professionals in the field. Its long-standing leadership in the Greek market and the deep experience and knowledge of the sector have contributed to the gradual development of a major export activity in several countries around the world.


“ARISTI ALLANTIKA” aims to bring together all consumers, giving products that offer a daily diet. He created an EXCELLENT relationship with the consumers of which is proud of. It invests time and expertise to acquire pioneering and quality proposals based on the needs of its consumers. The new industrial plant of Aristi Halandria in Egaleo Attiki is 4200 sqm2, it has modern mechanical equipment and strictly adheres to all the hygienic conditions of production and technology. Under IMP 9 approval, accredited by TUV-AUSTRIA HELLAS with EN-ISO 220002005 and BIO Hellas for the production of organic sausages, it produces high quality products. Respecting the consumer audience and the constantly changing nutritional and flavor trends, it focuses on the stability of the quality of our products. With a delivery experience of four generations and utilizing its knowledge in traditional Greek recipes, Aristos has created a list of Delicatessen products that differentiate them in its sector. It treats the whole Greek market, reaching the categories "PROFESSIONAL" and "super market", with corresponding groups of sausages. Discover the delicious and high-quality products of “ARISTI ALLANTIKA” that meet the needs of even the most demanding consumers.


At a time of intense rhythms and constant developments, some things have been proved all-time great. HELMOS, the first Milk Industry in the Peloponnese, is proud because it supports its progress and growth on unwavering principles and timeless values: Insistence and dedication to high quality products Respect to the consumer Love of her people for their work From 1979 until today, the company's track record has constant success in Greece and abroad as well as steadily rising growth rates, which strengthen every day the important position of HELMOS in the internationalized market. The recipe for success consists of the following points: It remains faithful to her tradition and philosophy, which has helped her reach her high level and leads her to go even higher. The "family" environment in HELMOS is preserved, despite the size of the business and the volume of its operations. It is located in the production centre of the raw material, on the pastures of mountainous Achaia and Ilia. It attaches great importance to the collection of an excellent quality raw material. This is achieved by maintaining very good cooperative relations with producers and by closely monitoring each stage of production and processing, from proper nutrition and animal health, until the final product reaches the consumer. Milk is a very important part of human nutrition from the first moment of its existence and throughout its life and the most important raw material for HELMOS. The company owes its existence and its development to milk. It offers a consistent high and incompatible product quality to the consumer. Its products are pure, and the variety is quite large. In the category Cheese, you will find Feta cheese, goat cheese, light cheese and white cheese. Furthermore, white cheese substitutes and hard or semi-hard cheeses such as kefalotyri, cow grain or sheep goat, hard cow cheese and Kalavrita hard cheese In Dairy products of HELMOS there are strained sheep or cow yogurts, sweets such as cream or rice in a small package, sheep milk poultry butter melted in various packages. In addition, manouri, anthotyro, cheese grating of one ore three kilos, fresh mizithra, dried mizithra cheese, “Giza” cheese from Epirus and haloumi.


The company was founded in 1988. It occupies with ice cream and pastry making. It specializes in the types of wafers used for wrapped pastry treats. More specifically, it produces waffles and wafers in various flavors and shapes such as balls, tarts, bells, wafer and square mosaic deserts, pyramids, square white waffles, oblong and gluten-free, banana wafers. Also, margarine and butter tarts, salty tarts, chocolate panatelas and cones, butter dishes stuffed with lemon-banana or strawberry, bicolour panatellas, cocobello, doreta, negrino and even panatela grating. Additionally, in Sweetwafer you will find ice cream varieties such as magic cones, rockets, classic cups, rosa and tower bowls as well as sugar bowl. Large variety of puff pastries such as cornets, crowns, small and big millefeuille as well as many traditional Greek desserts with syrup, cream and whipped cream.


ADORO PRODUCTS The ADORO brand is one of the oldest in the Greek cheese and dairy products market. It encompasses a wide range of products, from butter and cheese to cream, evaporated and UHT milk. The variety also includes light products, Italian cheese, spread cheeses and small or professional packages. The wide variety of products, combined with high quality and affordability, are the elements which make the brand stand out, maintaining it at high levels of recognition and sales, from its beginnings to the present day. OPTIMA PASTRY OPTIMA PASTRY works with some of the world's leading manufacturers of raw materials for pastry and ice cream making. Its purpose is to cover the entire variety of raw materials in this area with the aim of fully meeting the requirements and needs of the market. It has, therefore, chocolates of origin, CasaLuker, from the special varieties of Cacao Fino de Aroma in the regions of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Also, organic chocolates from cacao varieties Trinitario and Criolo in Madagascar's Sambirano area, Magistro chocolates, Weiss chocolates and pralines, D'ARBO fillings and jams, Laped sugar products, Inovia stevia, Pregel's ice cream blends and raw materials, creams and biscuits from the Magistro line, Jean Ducourtieux French tarts, Tuttafruta fruit purees and more for every possible need. PREGEL PRODUCTS PreGel is a family life project that started in a small town in Emilia Romagna but has managed to leave its mark all over the world. It was founded in 1967 in Scandiano, in Emilia Romagna, Italy, when Dr. Luciano Rabboni and his wife started a small business that produced ice cream and pastry craft products. The name PreGel comes from the shortcut of the "Preparati per Gelato", which means "ice cream preparation" in Italian. Today, almost half a century ago, Luciano Rabboni, president of PreGel with his sons Vittorio and Dario and the help of all employees, continues to lead the company, which is an international reference point for innovative concepts and production technologies in ice cream, frozen yoghurt and pastry.


Damavand SA is a Greek company, which is active in the production of food and especially the production, processing, standardization of tomato and fruit juices as well as the marketing both in the Greek and the international market. Only the best tomatoes are placed in your ... dish. That is why, in Damavand you will find: Chopped tomatoes (tomato cubes) in a rich tomato juice. Whole peeled tomatoes in a rich tomato juice. Light condensed tomato juice (Passata) in various condensations (Brix). Tomato paste in various condensations with Cold Break processing. Tomato paste in a variety of Hot Strip processing. Tomatoes on the grater - Polpa di pomodoro. Pizza sauce simple. Pizza sauce with condiments of different condensations. Ketchup. The factory capacity exceeds 150,000 tons of fresh tomatoes and fruits per year, while it employs 100 permanent workers and 250 seasonal staff during the processing period. Its position in the heart of the Thessalian plain, at the centre of the largest tomato cultivation in Greece, is one of the most important privileges of the factory. This minimizes the time between collecting the raw material from the field and processing it, an important factor in the quality and freshness of the final product. [gallery ids="1459,153,338,337"]

Cardinal SA was established in 1994 and today it is the ultimate destination in Asian food & Asian cooking as well as serving utensils in Greece. It offers the widest variety of products at the most competitive prices, in companies that are active in the wholesale food market, super markets, restaurants, catering, mini markets and hotels. It imports all the popular Asian Food Brands by country of origin. It also creates Cardinal branded products in cooperation with the largest foreign factories as well as presents to the Greek market the new appearing trends on the world market. The headquarters of the company in Athens cover an area of ​​3,000 sq.m. and house its own offices and its privately-owned warehouse (dry and frozen products). The ordering process is made by phone or mail, from a group of vendors guaranteeing the immediate and professional service of its customers. The distribution network covers the mainland and the islands of Greece, whereas it undertakes the delivery of orders within Attica to your region without any charge. It has a showroom where, with the help of its experienced salespersons, you can see all its products and get all the necessary information about the features and their usage. In addition, through the Learn to Wok program and under the guidance of experienced chefs, it offers specialized services to its customers and organizes seminars and presentations for professionals. Finally, we own our own retail store, called Wok Shop, in Kifissia.


Since its establishment in 1967, KALLAS - PAPADOPOULOS SA has faithfully respected its values. For more than 45 years, it has been active in the import and distribution of raw materials and aliments for sectors and industries such as pastry and chocolate making, cookies, ice cream, pudding, dairy products, bakery, sausage, mass catering etc. Thanks to its rapid growth, KALLAS - PAPADOPOULOS SA now has branches and subsidiaries throughout Greece, the Balkans and Cyprus, being synonymous with excellent service and top quality. KALLAS - PAPADOPOULOS SA owns modern, controlled temperature - housed premises in Acharnes, Attica, in the industrial area of ​​Thessaloniki, in Vathi Avlidas (65o km Athens - Lamia, Ritsona node). In addition, it has storage facilities in Bucharest, Romania, Cyprus, Tripoli and Volos. The company strictly adheres to the modern FIRST IN / FIRST OUT handling systems, with 24-hour monitoring of all refrigerating installations in real time with calibrated thermography. With a fleet of privately owned refrigerators, hundreds of tons of products are distributed daily to all destinations in all regions of Greece. Delivery is immediate, often and at the same day. The branch of the company in the industrial area of ​​Thessaloniki has contributed to the reduction of the kilometric distances related to the export activities of the company in the Balkan countries. The company also has a distribution network in Romania and Cyprus. The quality control department has been operating since 1987. Sample checks are carried out on a daily basis for all incoming and outgoing products by qualified personnel, ensuring their excellent quality. The company has been implementing the HACCP Food and Welfare System since 2001: It is certified with ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System and Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008. KALLAS - PAPADOPOULOS SA always ensures excellent quality, competitive prices and prompt service for each customer. But it does not work only with the logic of a guaranteed vendor. It utilizes all the above advantages and, combined with its years of experience and know-how in the field of raw materials and food, operates as a trusted consultant, as a "right hand", ensuring to every customer the maximum possible result.


AKTINA SA AKTINA was established in 1995 with the purpose of functioning as a co-operator and ally of the professional pastry chef and baker, by providing an increasing variety of qualitative products. During its running, it accomplished to earn recognition as a protagonist company in this sector all over Greece. It also achieved to be the main supplier for Patisserie, Bakeries, Industries, Artisanship, Laboratories, Hotels, Restaurants as well as crowded places. AKTINA has made a strong contribution when it comes to chocolate, plain chocolate and substitutes, while it possesses a full series of pralines, ice-cream syrups, drinks, mix patisserie, deserts, crème patisserie, clear gels, patisserie essentials and raw material. Products circulate with the brand sign of AKTINA, whereas there are other product series, which are available according to the customers’ needs. The company always takes into consideration the needs and preferences of its clients, by providing constant support and friendly, direct and specified service. Through clients’ needs as well as the new and upcoming trends, there is a constant development of new products both in the existing operative categories and the new product categories. In addition, it possessed high and standard quality products and shows commitment to the usage of raw materials for every product. Thus, it ensures a constant and methodical check during the whole productive process. The production takes place in Greece and follows the highest standards of the international food company, whereas it is qualified for its operation with the ISO 9001:208. It has been tested and it is according to the Responsible Sourcing Template. Our production facility has been qualified with HACCP 22000. The development of new products constitutes one of the main company goals. The departments of Research & Development and Qualitative Control & Technical support belong to the leading ones in the sector.


Atlantida SA has managed to create a variety of products that meet your needs. The head office of the company is located in the prefecture of Kavala. The area, thanks to the significant development of fishing, contributes to the provision of raw material, with the possibility of processing and freezing fish and seafood, only a few hours after they have been caught. The result is the production of excellent products that bring the scent of the sea to your plate, literally! The variety of fish and seafood products is complete and at any time, with a simple phone call or an email, you can find out any information you want about each product, its packaging, its date of capture, its price and availability, its nutritional characteristics. It is important to know the nutritional value of fish. They play an important role in human nutrition, whereas they constitute a huge source of trace elements that helps us to function properly. It is one of the main ingredients in the Mediterranean diet as it is found in the middle of the Mediterranean pyramid. It is recommended to be consumed 1-3 times a week! They are an important source of omega-3 fats, which belong to the polyunsaturated fat and help to the protection of the body. You can be sure that Atlantida fish and seafood retain all their nutrients! In Atlantida nothing is left to chance. The macroscopic control of raw material ensures the quality of seafood that arrives at the plant. Then the commodity follows a series of laboratory tests at the company's chemistry. Only when they are sure that the products are of superior quality and contain all the necessary nutrients, they circulate them in the production line. [gallery ids="1415,1416"]


PFS (Papageorgiou Food Service SA), one of the leading and dynamically developing companies for food production and distribution, has been operating in Larissa since 1991. From the very first moment, its aim was to create products that meet or better surmount customers’ expectations. The company organized a management system, which focuses on customer service and satisfaction. It combined knowledge with its experience in the field. It was equipped with cutting-edge machinery as well as it used traditional recipes with excellent raw materials and eventually was led to the creation of top products, both qualitative and delicious. The proprietary, fully modernized facilities for gyros and meat production consist of the production unit, refrigerator and freezer, product storage, truck parking and the administration offices. They occupy a total area of ​​5,000 square meters, in which a permanent staff 70 people has been employed. The production lines of PFS daily are: 13,000 kilos of gyros per 8 hours 8,000 kilos of souvlakia per 8 hours 7,000 kilos burger and kebab per 8 hours The philosophy of PFS is one and simple: Anything is possible! Your daily partner PFS is always on the side of catering professionals with daily service and care. By featuring the widest variety of fresh and frozen products that a modern mass caterer needs (bar, restaurant, hotel), such as a gyros, souvlaki, burgers, kebab, salads, sausages, cheese, potatoes and pastries, it covers directly and completely every need of its customers. To ensure smooth handling and prompt service, PFS has established its own distribution network, equipped with a large fleet of refrigerated trucks, which covers and distributes daily around Greece. At the service of taste In PFS they do not rest assured. They are constantly looking for new ways to offer customers the best service and create the conditions that will give new impetus to their own business. In this context: Continuously enriches its variety of products through continuous market research, adding new attractive products that meet the demands of professionals and individuals. Upgrades its machinery with cutting-edge technologies. Improves and expands its distribution system throughout Greece, acquiring new selected partners to quickly and efficiently meet every need of its customers. Today, the distribution network of the company is one of the fastest growing in Greece. Quality certified by ISO PFS, operating with the rules and principles of the European meat market, offers its customers high quality and service. It is certified by ELOT for the implementation of the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assurance System and for the implementation of the Food Safety and Hygiene Management System - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) 1416: 2000. At all stages of its operation, the quality controls are carried out continuously, from the selection of raw materials (pork, beef, chicken), which is supplied only by certified slaughterhouses, to the production, storage and distribution. The observance of the quality system procedures is consistently applied so that the high quality of the products is for its customers simply ... given.   [gallery ids="626,1515,1514,1516,1517"]