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Above all, the human being!

The company Kazianis arranges to create a friendly working atmosphere, in which working conditions both for employers and for workers have been certified as appropriate for productivity, creativity and inspiration.

Our company is flanked by the most competent people who meet their labour tasks with initiatives, consistency and, above all, respect to the colleague. From our founding year until today, we ensure to establish an employment without stress and pressure, which will be anthropocentric and aimed at positive utilization, and not to the exploitation of individual skills. In addition, in order to be there for you, we must first have the 100% of ourselves.


Equality and parity

Two values, which govern all kinds of labour relations at the company Kazinis, is equality and parity. In our company, the position of workers is just a title.

The basic essence is the equal treatment of members of a company in terms of decision-making and articulation of problems. Our company continues its operating for 26 years, thanks to the philosophy of collective thought and action. We recognize both the obligations and the rights of our employees, and despite the current unfavorable situations, we provide them with the best possible working comfort. We defend the rights of workers, our rights as we are with them, and not across them!

Opportunities for new jobs

The staff of our company is a family! Of course, this doesn’t mean that it cannot embrace others, younger or not, but above all with appetite and aspirations. For this reason, we do not rely on the current formation of the personnel of our company, but we accept the challenge to meet new people, which with their skills and with their proposals will help us to become better for you. Our company needs new people for progress, which will feed with other experiences, concerns and of course requirements for creating a better working future.