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AKTINA was established in 1995 with the purpose of functioning as a co-operator and ally of the professional pastry chef and baker, by providing an increasing variety of qualitative products. During its running, it accomplished to earn recognition as a protagonist company in this sector all over Greece. It also achieved to be the main supplier for Patisserie, Bakeries, Industries, Artisanship, Laboratories, Hotels, Restaurants as well as crowded places.

AKTINA has made a strong contribution when it comes to chocolate, plain chocolate and substitutes, while it possesses a full series of pralines, ice-cream syrups, drinks, mix patisserie, deserts, crème patisserie, clear gels, patisserie essentials and raw material. Products circulate with the brand sign of AKTINA, whereas there are other product series, which are available according to the customers’ needs.

The company always takes into consideration the needs and preferences of its clients, by providing constant support and friendly, direct and specified service. Through clients’ needs as well as the new and upcoming trends, there is a constant development of new products both in the existing operative categories and the new product categories. In addition, it possessed high and standard quality products and shows commitment to the usage of raw materials for every product. Thus, it ensures a constant and methodical check during the whole productive process.

The production takes place in Greece and follows the highest standards of the international food company, whereas it is qualified for its operation with the ISO 9001:208. It has been tested and it is according to the Responsible Sourcing Template. Our production facility has been qualified with HACCP 22000.

The development of new products constitutes one of the main company goals. The departments of Research & Development and Qualitative Control & Technical support belong to the leading ones in the sector.