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Atlantida SA has managed to create a variety of products that meet your needs. The head office of the company is located in the prefecture of Kavala. The area, thanks to the significant development of fishing, contributes to the provision of raw material, with the possibility of processing and freezing fish and seafood, only a few hours after they have been caught.

The result is the production of excellent products that bring the scent of the sea to your plate, literally! The variety of fish and seafood products is complete and at any time, with a simple phone call or an email, you can find out any information you want about each product, its packaging, its date of capture, its price and availability, its nutritional characteristics.

It is important to know the nutritional value of fish. They play an important role in human nutrition, whereas they constitute a huge source of trace elements that helps us to function properly. It is one of the main ingredients in the Mediterranean diet as it is found in the middle of the Mediterranean pyramid. It is recommended to be consumed 1-3 times a week!

They are an important source of omega-3 fats, which belong to the polyunsaturated fat and help to the protection of the body. You can be sure that Atlantida fish and seafood retain all their nutrients!

In Atlantida nothing is left to chance. The macroscopic control of raw material ensures the quality of seafood that arrives at the plant. Then the commodity follows a series of laboratory tests at the company’s chemistry. Only when they are sure that the products are of superior quality and contain all the necessary nutrients, they circulate them in the production line.