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At a time of intense rhythms and constant developments, some things have been proved all-time great.

HELMOS, the first Milk Industry in the Peloponnese, is proud because it supports its progress and growth on unwavering principles and timeless values:

  • Insistence and dedication to high quality products
  • Respect to the consumer
  • Love of her people for their work

From 1979 until today, the company’s track record has constant success in Greece and abroad as well as steadily rising growth rates, which strengthen every day the important position of HELMOS in the internationalized market.

The recipe for success consists of the following points:

  • It remains faithful to her tradition and philosophy, which has helped her reach her high level and leads her to go even higher.
  • The “family” environment in HELMOS is preserved, despite the size of the business and the volume of its operations.
  • It is located in the production centre of the raw material, on the pastures of mountainous Achaia and Ilia. It attaches great importance to the collection of an excellent quality raw material. This is achieved by maintaining very good cooperative relations with producers and by closely monitoring each stage of production and processing, from proper nutrition and animal health, until the final product reaches the consumer. Milk is a very important part of human nutrition from the first moment of its existence and throughout its life and the most important raw material for HELMOS. The company owes its existence and its development to milk.
  • It offers a consistent high and incompatible product quality to the consumer.

Its products are pure, and the variety is quite large. In the category Cheese, you will find Feta cheese, goat cheese, light cheese and white cheese. Furthermore, white cheese substitutes and hard or semi-hard cheeses such as kefalotyri, cow grain or sheep goat, hard cow cheese and Kalavrita hard cheese

In Dairy products of HELMOS there are strained sheep or cow yogurts, sweets such as cream or rice in a small package, sheep milk poultry butter melted in various packages. In addition, manouri, anthotyro, cheese grating of one ore three kilos, fresh mizithra, dried mizithra cheese, “Giza” cheese from Epirus and haloumi.