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Giorgos and Kostas Pateris grew in flavors and tastes of handmade sausages next to their father Panagiotis, who best transmitted to them, the secrets of sausage making. They learned that , in order to make good sausage, you need love, art and passion. Also, in order to be able to follow a successful course with duration, you must be consistent with your values ​​and principles. How should the consumer love you?

Today George and Kostas carry the heavy legacy of their father. They love their art and they devote endless hours to the sensitive stages of maturation, also, they deeply care about the outcome.
All the above, made Panteri products, favorite products with signature and taste that reminds something of the old … Products such as pastourmas, sucjuki, prosciutto sausage, salami, sausages, turkey and delicious delicacies smoked pieces of fine meat (steak, shank, neck, pancetta etc), All the products, have the aroma chosen by the quality of the raw materials.

The way of manufacture, in factory of a total surface of ​​6000 m2, which meets the strictest safety standards and with the latest generation technology, applying certified quality assurance systems (ISO 22000 & HACCP), we try to make our promise to the consumer daily: quality cold cuts with authentic flavor.

Following the worldwide rise in food sales to the Muslim community, Pateris became the first Greek industry to provide certified HALAL products. (With annual certification). A combination of knowledge, experience and technology, can cooperate with you in order to create the sausage of your own requirements.