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PFS (Papageorgiou Food Service SA), one of the leading and dynamically developing companies for food production and distribution, has been operating in Larissa since 1991. From the very first moment, its aim was to create products that meet or better surmount customers’ expectations.

The company organized a management system, which focuses on customer service and satisfaction. It combined knowledge with its experience in the field. It was equipped with cutting-edge machinery as well as it used traditional recipes with excellent raw materials and eventually was led to the creation of top products, both qualitative and delicious. The proprietary, fully modernized facilities for gyros and meat production consist of the production unit, refrigerator and freezer, product storage, truck parking and the administration offices. They occupy a total area of ​​5,000 square meters, in which a permanent staff 70 people has been employed.

The production lines of PFS daily are:

  • 13,000 kilos of gyros per 8 hours
  • 8,000 kilos of souvlakia per 8 hours
  • 7,000 kilos burger and kebab per 8 hours

The philosophy of PFS is one and simple: Anything is possible!

Your daily partner

PFS is always on the side of catering professionals with daily service and care. By featuring the widest variety of fresh and frozen products that a modern mass caterer needs (bar, restaurant, hotel), such as a gyros, souvlaki, burgers, kebab, salads, sausages, cheese, potatoes and pastries, it covers directly and completely every need of its customers.

To ensure smooth handling and prompt service, PFS has established its own distribution network, equipped with a large fleet of refrigerated trucks, which covers and distributes daily around Greece.

At the service of taste

In PFS they do not rest assured. They are constantly looking for new ways to offer customers the best service and create the conditions that will give new impetus to their own business.

In this context:

  • Continuously enriches its variety of products through continuous market research, adding new attractive products that meet the demands of professionals and individuals.
  • Upgrades its machinery with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Improves and expands its distribution system throughout Greece, acquiring new selected partners to quickly and efficiently meet every need of its customers.

Today, the distribution network of the company is one of the fastest growing in Greece.

Quality certified by ISO

PFS, operating with the rules and principles of the European meat market, offers its customers high quality and service.

It is certified by ELOT for the implementation of the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assurance System and for the implementation of the Food Safety and Hygiene Management System – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) 1416: 2000.

At all stages of its operation, the quality controls are carried out continuously, from the selection of raw materials (pork, beef, chicken), which is supplied only by certified slaughterhouses, to the production, storage and distribution.

The observance of the quality system procedures is consistently applied so that the high quality of the products is for its customers simply … given.